Enable USB Port – If Blocked in Your Office

Is your USB port blocked at your workplace? Learn how can you Enable USB ports.

USB Port is blocked in Office – How to Enable USB port

The majority of workplaces block the system’s USB port for various reasons. The majority of the viruses can spread from data storage devices like pen drives & portable hard disks. So to avoid data loss & data theft they block all the USB ports.

These ports can be used to connect a mouse, keyboard & mobile charger but the only thing you cannot do is data sharing. USB ports are not permanently blocked, they are just not allowed to read or write data.

There are plenty of software or scripts which can be used to block your USB ports. These one-click apps just make some changes in your registry.

We are just going to ‘UNDO’ the changes made by the USB disabling script.

NOTE: You need to have admin rights to make the changes in the registry.

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Enable USB Port Windows

# Press the ‘Windows’ key & type regedit in the search box.
#  Press enter
#  This will open Registry Editor. (For this step, you must have admin rights)
#  Navigate into the registry using the following path
#  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  >> SYSTEM  >> CurrentControlSet  >> Services  >> UsbStor (refer Images)
#  Right Click on ‘Start’ & select ‘Modify’. (refer to Images)
#  By default there has to be a value ‘4’ in the box.
#  Remove 4 & add 3 there.
#  Save & restart the Computer to save the changes in your system.
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