Why Enroll In A Japanese International School Even Though It Uses The Cbse Curriculum

Choosing an international preschool in Tokyo that follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum can offer several advantages. Here are a few reasons such schools are worth the fees they charge international students in Japan:

Some Reasons to Enroll In A Japanese International School

Quality Education: Your child will receive a top-notch education based on an established curriculum if you select an international school in Tokyo that uses the CBSE curriculum.

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Smooth Transition: Enrolling your child in an international school that follows the CBSE curriculum can ease the transition if you’re an Indian ex-pat or have plans to return to India.

Consistency in Education: If your child switches to another CBSE school in India or elsewhere, their education will continue without interruption.

Indian Cultural Integration: These schools host festivals, events, and activities that support Indian customs, celebrations, and values. By doing this, your child can stay in touch with their Indian heritage even when living abroad. Also, read about the school fees for foreign students in Japan.

Global Perspective: International schools frequently have a varied student body and expose learners to various cultures, languages, and viewpoints, promoting an international attitude.

Wide Range of Subjects: Your child can explore their interests across academic areas and build a well-rounded skill set thanks to the comprehensive and holistic education offered.

Qualified Teachers: Their instructors have experience meeting the demands of overseas students and may offer the assistance required for academic advancement.

Extracurricular Activities: These extracurricular pursuits, including clubs, athletics, the arts, music, and theatre, let students pursue interests outside the classroom.

To make sure they fit your unique needs and offer your child the best learning environment, it’s crucial to conduct extensive research on and tour various international schools in Tokyo.

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